Throughout Greece you can find "tavernas", the traditional family-run eating establishments usually located in the main square or by the harbor. The taverna is a traditional gathering place and the center of every town's social life.

In the afternoon, gathers drink strong cups of Greek coffee, enjoy a few "mezedes" (appetizers), and watch the world pass by while playing backgammon and philosophizing about life, money and politics.

In the evenings, family and friends enjoy a late meal, a bottle of local wine or beer, and end the evening with a tasty, honey-drenched dessert and coffee.

Drawing on the "taverna" tradition, and inspired by the foods of his Greek homeland, Spiro Chaconas, and his wife Nancy, own and operate Spiro's Greek Cafe at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Opening shortly after they were married in 1995, Spiro's has served traditional Greek dishes to satisfied Coronado diners for over 17 years.

At Spiro's, we've not lost the enjoyment of life's simpler pleasures - the pleasures found at a true Greek taverna. We welcome you and invite you to sip a glass of wine, enjoy a traditional meal and savor life's simple pleasures at the Coronado Ferry Landing- and Spiro's Greek Cafe.



Open 11 AM - 8 PM everyday

(619) 435-1225


Coronado Ferry Landing

1201 First Street, Coronado, CA 92118

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